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>> now we publican candidate mitt romney at a campaign rally in the with-republican candidate
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mitt romney had a campaign -- at a campaign rally -- republican candidate mitt romney at a campaign rally in iowa. this is about 35 minutes. >> first of all, it is great to be back in northwest iowa. this is truly god's country. thank you for giving kim and i 88% of the vote in the last election. we do not forget things like that. [applause] thank you all for coming out
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today to hear the next president of the united states, mitt romney. just this week democrats gathered with the -- at their convention. they struggled with one question that really matters for americans. are you better off than you were four years ago? are you better off under this president than you were mammal years ago? president obama -- and you were four years ago? he wants another famine years. but america cannot continue with the status quo. more americans have lost their jobs under president obama than
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any president hundred feet -- since the great depression. the jobs numbers just came out of our august with another disappointing month with only 100,000 new jobs. just this week, when the democrats were data for their convention, we solve the nationaln debt -- national debt scope over 15- -- go over 15 trillion dollars. we have suffered from one president -- an unpresident said -- unprecedented
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downgrading of our credit rating. you know that debt is not the way we need to go for this future. [applause] president obama, when he was a candidate in 2018, said it was on patriotic to act -- in 2008, said it was unpatriotic to add to the national debt. illinois now has been lost -- the most public debt per capita than any state in the nation. they have been most underfunded
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liabilities for their public pensions. they are $4 billion behind in paying their bills on time. when there was republican control of the house, we took a fiscal mess in got it straightened out. we are only spending 97% of revenue and we have restored the money that was taken from the cash reserve. we projected five years in advance. we have a sustainable budget and we are looking at further reductions in taxes and regulations to grow jobs in the iowa economy. [applause] barron's magazine recently came out with the rating of all 60
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states in terms of their fiscal management or mismanagement. i am proud to say that i was ranked second only to south dakota. [applause] obama's state, run by his friends from chicago, ran second last to connecticut. i know we can do better. mitt romney will do better for america. he will do for america what republican governors have done for their states, not just here in iowa. and look at indiana and michigan and wisconsin, all elected recovered -- republican governors. all have reduced taxes and regulations and have grown our economy. a great contrast to what obama is doing at the national level. [applause]
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mitt romney understands that massive debt is a huge drag on the american economy and our ability to create jobs. he believes in an america that believes in less spending, less government and more economic growth. [applause] on day one, mitt romney will implement reduction measures that in this era of more and more government spending and more and more debt. as president, mitt romney will go through the budget line item by line item with two simple questions. can we afford it? should we borrow more money to pay for it? getting our fiscal house in order has become more than just an economic issue. it is now a moral imperative.
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we have a choice between two visions of the future in this election. we can repeat the debt and spend policy of the past four and years. we can repeat the massive unemployment levels of the past four years. or we can turn this country around and restore the american dream for future generations. [applause] mitt romney will rescue america like he rescued the winter olympics in salt lake city. mitt romney will cut spending, make government smaller, and get us on a path to a balanced budget. mitt romney will create 12 million new jobs. he will reduce spending to less than 20% of the gross domestic product and he will get america back on track.
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it is a great honor to welcome the next president of the united states to god's country. mitt romney. [cheers and applause]
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>> thank you so much. thank you. [cheers and applause] thank you so very much. what a welcome. that is quite a welcome. thank you, orange city. thank you northwestern college. mr. president, thank you for letting me be on your campus today. how many of you are going to northwestern college? [cheers and applause]
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and thank you to the governor. is and it's terrific that a guy who had been governor be -- isn't it terrific that a guy who had been governor and was teaching in guiding a great institution of higher learning and he said, i would need speak kind of leadership only he can bring. he came back -- means the kind of leadership only he can bring. thank you, governor. [cheers and applause] and thank you to earned sitting -- orange city for having people who loved america and love the constitution and will stand for the principles america was built upon. [cheers and applause] i am noem there is a lot of bad
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news out there. the-i am k -- i know there is a lot of bad news out there. this is the greatest nation in the history of the earth. the principles upon which this country was founded, those principles are continuing to guide and inspired the people of america and around the world. if we restore those principles, you will see our economy or bring back. we can maintain the strongest military in the world -- you will see our economy come back. we can maintain the strongest military in the world. i was at a meeting and it was said that i must be tired from coming across the ocean. when he set for 50 minutes will
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down to this. -- said for 15 was boiled down to this. where is america's leadership. america must lead. it is the freedom and personal responsibility and dignity that has always stood for america. those principles need to be represented loud and clear and demonstrated on the world stage and i will do it again. [cheers and applause] yesterday, you had the chance, if you wanted to, addressed the people of america in his acceptance speech. i read that this morning. if you did, he thought it extraordinarily, surprisingly disappointing. the speech, four years ago, he laid out a series of lofty goals.
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unfortunately, he was unable to meet them. i can think a few promises that he has kept. he said he would raise incomes for people. they have gone down by $5,000 a family. he said he would create new businesses. we are at a 30 year low in new businesses. the stimulus said that if we let him borrow $787 billion, he would hold unemployment below a%. it has been 43 months -- unemployment below 8%. he also said he would cut the deficit in half. he double it. one promise he kept. he said if his its policies that put in place, because of -- he
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said if his energy policies that put in place, because the senate would skyrocket. he did that. -- the cost of energy would skyrocket. i expected him to confront the major challenge of the last four years, which is the economy not producing the number of jobs america needs. i expected him to talk about the unemployed in america. i expected him to talk about the number of families having a hard time making ends meet, the number of middle income families seeing the cost of health insurance, food, gasoline go up even as their incomes go down. i expected him to talk about those things, but he did not. there was a series of new policies he will not be able to keep.
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they will not make america strong there. if president obama is reelected, we will have four more years of the last four years. the american people are saying no to that. [cheers and applause] there is something else you have watched in the president's post a campaign over the past several months. that is an increasingly divisive and dismissive approach to the american people. it is a campaign of hitting one american against another. it is so contrary to our national history and our national spirit. the story of america has been one of the many becoming one. the story of america is the united people coming to build the strongest economy in the
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world. he story of america is a people that has -- the story of america is about people who have control -- who have confronted the darkness when evil has sprung up around the world. that has been the story of america, people coming together. it i am president of the united states, i will stop this divisiveness and i will do everything in my power to unite the american people. [cheers and applause] you might have expected the president of the united states to lay out a plan for what he would do to get the economy going again and get people working again. he did not do that last night. that was surprising to me. i laid out the things i will do
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to get this economy going. five things. you have heard me talk about them some more -- talk about them before. i will talk about them some more. i know how to get the private sector to create 12 million more jobs. [cheers and applause] number 1, i will take full advantage of our energy resources, our coal, our gas, our nuclear, our renewable. [cheers and applause] by doing that, north america becomes an independent by 2020. let me tell you what you do. you take advantage of tight oil. they pumped in through which to get more oil out. it means taken advantage of that pipeline in canada.
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[cheers and applause] it means turning the gulf of mexico back on so we get oil out of the gulf. over the last four years, the president has cut the number of permits and licenses in federal lands in half. i will double the number of licenses and permits so we get more oil and energy. natural gas is our big ace in the hole. than natural gas being brought to places where they do not have it, particularly in the manufacturing sector, will bring jobs back to america. number 1 for me is taking advantage of our energy resources. that will put millions back to work. [cheers and applause] number 2 -- i am looking at
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steve cain. this man needs to be your congressman again -- steve king. this man needs to be your congressman again. i need him as a partner. number 2 is making sure you young people have the skills you need for the jobs of tomorrow. he demands we have to make sure our schools are run for the benefit of the students, we put the students and their parents and the teachers first. the teachers' union -- they will have to go behind. [cheers and applause] let me mention a third, that is trade. the third thing i will do is take advantage of trade opportunities. america is the most productive nation on the planet for the major economic powers. we make more stuff per person than any other nation.
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because we make more stuff per person, we are the most productive. it is good for us to trade with other nations. doing that will create more jobs. you know about that in iowa. it creates chops here in iowa to trade. -- jobs here in i went to train. is president -- it creates jobs here in iowa to trade. because i spent my life in the private sector, i understand what deals are good for america and which are not. if the nation's we trade with decide to take advantage -- the nations with trade with side to take event is the us, there will be consequences. number 4, and this is one that
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is not just economic. it is also a moral, as the governor said. it is simply wrong for us, morally wrong for us, to continually spend massively more than we take in knowing my generation will never pay that back. it will be passed on to your generation. we are killing the american dream for our children. it is wrong and it will stop if i am president of the united states. [cheers and applause] if i have one more. that is this. i will champion small business.
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i understand how it is that small businesses kids going and how they grow. as i was driving -- i understand how it is that small businesses get going and how they grow. i was driving in and i saw a big sign for staples. i was one of those who financed the first staples stores. i remember going to be stored before it opened and talking to the folks putting the products on the shelf. they were wondering what would happen. the manager said, what do we do it no one comes? i said, lower prices and advertise more. that little one store, in a place called brighton, massachusetts, has grown to be hundreds of thousands of stores all over the country. it is a remarkable story.
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it is the story of america, how americans are pursuing their dreams and, in fact, build it themselves -- [cheers and applause] by virtue of their dreams and a great nation that welcomes streamers and the support of people who work in an enterprise like -- welcomes dreamers, it was has become a company that employs 90,000 americans today. to create the 12 million jobs i have been dedicated to creating, i have to create the conditions and environment that encourage people to start businesses and to grow them. for that to happen, there are a couple of things i have to do. i want them to know that if they are successful, they will be able to keep a good deal of their own earnings and be able
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to put it in the business to grow. if you raise taxes on small business, a lot of them won't start and those that do will not be able to grow. holding down taxes on small business is essential. number 2, i want regulators to mel that their job is to attack -- regulators to know that their job is to catch the bad guys. they should get behind our enterprises. if you really want to help small business, you have to take that cloud off of them. that cloud is keeping so many small businesses from adding employment. he chamber of commerce carried out a survey. -- the chamber of commerce carry
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out a survey. they ask what a piece of legislation do. they said that piece of legislation would keep them from hiring people. that piece of legislation is called obamacare and i am going to get rid of it. [cheers and applause] that does not mean that we are not going to make improvements to our health-care system. we know health care is too expensive. obamacare does not make it less expensive. when the president ran for office, he said he would cut premiums by $2,500 per family. they are up $2,500 per family. that is a 5000 different for a family that makes $50,000.
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that has a huge impact. i want the cost of health care to be reigned -- reined in. i will do that by letting individuals by their own insurance. we have to make sure people with pre-existing conditions are able to get insured and people who gets sick are not stopped by their insurance company. we do not have to have obamacare that raises taxes, cuts medicare by $716 billion. we will get rid of obamacare and restore funding to medicare and keep the promises we made to our seniors. [cheers and applause] i have to tell you, i am excited about what i see ahead. i am convinced the american people are going to take a
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careful look at both people running for president and they will ask themselves, what do i want going forward? to why want a president that will continue the policies that were put -- do i want a president that will continue the policies that led to unemployment 43 months above 8%. did you see the jobs report this morning? 400,000 people dropped out of the work force altogether. it is unimaginable. the president said that by this time, we would be at 5.4% unemployment. we are at on.ña3fcdo 3
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with her mom and dad would be there. with two jobs trying to make ends meet, they cannot be there. we would not have as many young people wondering if they can afford college next semester. there would not be college graduates asking if they can find -- will be able to find a job. 9 million people. is president tried, but he did not understand what it takes to make our -- this president tried, but he did not understand what it takes to make our economy work. i do. [cheers and applause] at the democratic convention, they had that deal that said we all belong to the government.
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-- that video that said we all belong to the government. they sure that that one wrong. the government belongs to us. -- they sure got that one wrong. we want the government to honor its promises and create businesses that make it easy for small businesses and entrepreneur as a student coming -- students coming out of school to begin their lives. i love this country. i love the principles upon which it was founded. i cannot want a bigger and bigger government that is more and more intrusive, trying to tell us to live our lives. i want a government that encourages initiative and freedom. i will be a president that never says, you did not build it.
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[cheers and applause] one thing i want to say to those of you who are going to college here. you may have the deciding say as to who is calling to be the next president. i know the president and his party will do everything in their power to convince you to vote for them. who is dedicated to making sure we do not pass on trillions of debt to you? i am. my party is. we are committed to making sure you are able to live the american dream. the other party will offer you a lot of free stuff. but who is paying for it? you are. i see a sign up there.
6:53 am
$16 trillion in debt. thanks for making that. the governor and i, we will not be paying that back. we will be gone with that is paid back. you guys are paying for that. you are going to pay the interest on it. it is going to get larger and larger so that that interest is more than our defense budget. we have to get serious about reining in the accesses of government. we do not want the government to get so big that its stamps out the freedom of the american people. i will get america on track. [cheers and applause] you guys, we are going to win this thing. we are taking back america. we are going to make sure america remains the hope of the earth. we will keep america the shining
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city of the hill ronald reagan spoke of. i believe in the people of america. we are going to take back america and keep it strong. thank you so much. thank you. ♪ ♪
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♪ caller: ♪ ♪
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>> in four weeks, the thirst of the presidential debates. watch and engaged -- the first of the presidential debates. a discussion of whether the political parties have a gender gap. after that a conversation with
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nancy pelosi. >> how do students cheat. let me summarize. research conducted in 199316 conducted by students included copying -- the 1993 included students copping children -- copping materials without footnoting, -- copying materials without footnoting, reviewing a stolen copy of an exam, giving test questions to students in another class, developing a physical relationship with the instructor for the purpose of getting information, robbery and
6:58 am
blackmail, hiring a -- bribery and blackmail, altering and forging a university documents and taking home and exam in getting help when instructions indicate and in the work. >> everybody wants to make a buck. student athletes are a fraction of our franchise. they are attracted every year from the football enterprise. -- drafted every year from the football enterprise. >> students who play sports in college at a high level are just like any other two career person. if they are bunching well in both spheres, the university --
6:59 am
if they are functioning well in both spheres, the university help them. they have to work as athletes and students. for the ones who perform as students and at least, they deserve enormous respect, beyond the acrylates they get on the field. -- accolades degette on the shield. >-- they get on the field. >> why to this at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. -- watch this at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> this morning, an economics

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